Gaspe Genealogy Register

You have indicated you'd like to register on this site. Great! The more folks registered, the better chance everyone has of making good 'connections'. First. Please 'Browse' to be sure you haven't already registered! Sounds basic, I know, but you wouldn't be the first to forget 'you've been here, done that'. Next. Please read thru' & consider the following guidelines. Then....just 'click' on REGISTER at the bottom of the page to access the actual form. It is hoped this page will be especially helpful to 'newbies' - those just beginning this rootin' game or perhaps new to genealogy on the 'net. Old hands should at least scim thru' tho', as registrations that do not include necessary/complete information for a good 'connection' will simply be deleted....& I get to 'decide'! Keep in mind most Gaspe names are common, have many different lines; include enough information so one can 'connect' with your particular branch.

Are you currently working on your family tree and are you interested in sharing or exchanging information with others who share your lines? Do you have at least one known ancestor born somewhere on the Gaspe peninsula?

If you answered 'yes' to the above questions you are in the right place and should continue! If you answered 'no', then thanks for dropping by, Browse as often as you like, but please DO NOT proceed with registration. This is not the usual 'guest book', nor is it a query board where one can 'fish' for a possible connection or specific bits of information. If that is your interest then contact - 'connect' with - others registered who share your lines or drop me a line; I'll try to point you in the right direction.

The form is pretty simple; comes with the spaces ready to be filled in. You'll see:

Name: That's your name, of course. First name only is acceptable, if that is preferred.

Email: IMPORTANT! This is the only means of 'connecting' with you. It's easy to make a typo! Double check please! There have been more than a few register with an invalid address! If you change your address don't forget to come back & do a new registration - & please!...drop me a note so I can delete the old entry.

Gaspe Connection: The nearest/earliest twig in your tree that was Gaspesian. Might be 'father born there' or 'ggg-grandmother' or as in my own case, 'self / ancestors since 1764'. 'family' or 'ancestors' tells us little! Please be as specific as possible.

Town/Village/Area: The locale in 'the Gaspe' where your ancestors lived. You may have only the historical name or just the county; that's fine.

Primary Family Names: The main family names (surname) you are researching. Usually no more than three or four; one is fine."All" is not - unless you explain in 'comments' section.

Secondary Family Names: All those other family names that crop up in the branches of your Gaspe tree go here - as many as you have / are interested in.

Time Period: The time frame you are researching; indicate the scope of your interest - '1860s -90s' might be your focus or it could be '1850s back to 1700s' or '1820 to present'- whatever fits for you.

Particluars: This is a VITAL part of your registration! This is where you BRIEFLY present your specific branch of a particular family, first names of your ancestors/spouses, with approximate dates, etc - enough info so one can 'connect' with your line of that family - but not your whole tree...please! Include your genealogy website url if you have one & whether you have info to share, where you are in your research - eg 'just starting' or 'have lots to share' - that type of thing. Remember...if there is not enough specific information in this section for a 'good connection' the entry will simply be deleted. Saying you are researching "Patterson", for example, & you want all info, just won't cut it! - unless you really do want all possible info on your particular family & say so! Otherwise you need to say which "Patterson" is your ancestor. To continue the example..... A Patterson genealogy - just names & dates - done back in the '50s, is 89 pages! Think about it! There are many families on the coast just like that! Ensure one can 'connect' with 'your' branch of your particular family. If you have extensive knowledge on particular families & are prepared to share, then by all means make that offer! Others have; no doubt all will be popular!

If this is a 'new' exercise for you it might be worthwhile to work out what you want to say on paper before moving on to the actual form. If you have any doubts about how to complete the registration 'Browse' thru' others' entries for ideas or drop me a line. I hate 'deleting'!
When you're ready to sumbit your entry click on the "submit" - once only, please! - under the form ... That's all there is to it! Welcome aboard! May all your 'connections' be good ones!

Questions? Comments? Wanna share your success story? I'd love to hear from you at

*** This site is designed to be 'pro active'. It is suggested one take the time to 'Browse' thru' current registrations when one registers & contact any 'cousins' found. Popping back periodically to see if there might be 'new cousins' is a good idea too - I've had folks tell me they've been 'registered' for months & haven't 'gotten any response' - yet I see lots of their 'cousins' in the register. If folks don't take some initiative, or don't bother to 'connect', then this is but a list of names!

& PLEASE! remember this is but a registry. Once you've registered you're in...that's it, that's all....please don't make multiple entries simply because you now have additional info or a specific question....the whole idea is to use this site to 'connect', then exchange that sort of thing with 'cousins' who share your lines.
Good Gaspe Rootin'!